… was founded in May 2007. SDS stands for Socialist Democratic Student Association. We want a change of policy, a real alternative to neoliberal capitalism. With determination we face against the shift to the right in Germany and Europe. We work in our 63 nationwide grassroots groups and in our federal working groups on various topics. There we develop left-wing concepts and answers to overall social conditions – in theory and practice. Maybe soon together with you?

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The student association is officially a working group with special status of the Left Youth [ ’solid], but with its own membership and organization. Entry into the student association is therefore formally accompanied by entry into the Left Youth [‘solid]. The membership fee goes exclusively to the SDS.

So that really something changes at the university and in society, we need enough people to build up the protest, pressure and alternatives – get involved!


Founded in May 2007, we, the Socialist Democratic Student Association, are now active at 63 universities across Germany.

We fight for better study conditions at universities and see this as part of a comprehensive social struggle against the radical market and anti-democratic restructuring of society, against social cuts, against exclusion and discrimination of all kinds, against war and environmental destruction. We are not only active at universities, but also in society; organize demonstrations, educational events, creative campaigns, participate in alliance work, for example in the climate movement and for Women’s Day. In our self-image it says:

“For us, capitalism is not the end of the story. We stand for the overcoming of the capitalist social order and oppose it with our action-determining perspective of a socialist society. “

In the past we have contributed to the development of extra-parliamentary movements such as against the G20 summit in Hamburg 2017, to #unteilbar, to successful anti-student fee protests, or to the education strike. At the same time, many university groups are working in the committees of the student representatives to implement concrete improvements for students. We are a politically and organizationally independent organization. On the one hand, through our name we express our closeness to the Left Party. On the other hand, we tie in with the extra-parliamentary tradition of the historical SDS within the 1968 movement.

How Die Linke.SDS is organized

The federal congress, which takes place once a semester, is our highest decision-making body. Here delegates from all university groups come together to decide on the political direction of the federal association and, among other things, to elect the federal board and management. All university groups can send two delegates to the federal congress. We value a solidarity-feminist culture, wich means that at least one of the two delegates must be a woman *.

In our federal working groups (BAKs) we work thematically and beyond the boundaries of the individual base groups. Our publication organ critica is produced in one of these working groups and published every semester.